Where to Find the Best Black Friday Deals

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If you are a newbie when it comes to the fascinating Black Friday retail holiday and you want to learn when do Amazon Black Friday deals start, how long do Black Friday sales last, or what are the best Black Friday deals to focus on, you’ve reached the right place. We have prepared a series of valuable tips and tricks that can be used by both experienced and non-experienced Black Friday shoppers out there hunting for the best promotions and crazy discounts.

Finding Black Friday Deals Before and After the Official Date

Ideally, you should aim to grab the best Black Friday deals on the actual Black Friday day. However, if you are clueless as to how long these sales last, you should know that you will have plenty of time to hit the stores and grab superb online deals a few days after, starting with Cyber Monday and continuing with the holiday shopping period expanding toward the end of the year.

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Those of you who are particularly interested in the endless deals found on Amazon should know that the holiday shopping season starts pretty early with the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days in October. To your advantage, even more retailers will usually follow suit every year, providing a plethora of excellent Black Friday discounts to kick-start the holiday shopping the right way.

If you have missed the early start, rest assured most brands and retailers will pamper you on the traditional Black Friday day with thousands of promotions and price cuts on electronics, clothes, makeup, holiday packages, airplane tickets, toys, sports gear and sports equipment, and much more. As a secret tip, we suggest Cyber Monday for your hunt for the best deals on tech purchases, including laptops, tablets, gaming PCs, robot vacuum cleaners, small home appliances or countertop gadgets. 

Keep an Eye on Free Gift Cards

It’s not just the price discounts you should be keeping a close eye on every year on Black Friday. You should also pay attention to the numerous free gift card offers and any additional Black Friday rewards made available by your favorite retailers and brands. Our Nike coupons offer a plethora of unbeatable discounts you can use to purchase affordable sports shoes, athletic wear, and a great variety of sports and workout accessories. Ranging from up to 57% off on women’s bras and leggings pairings and up to 34% off on women’s Jordan 1 Shoes, you should find plenty of satisfying deals here on Black Friday. Best Buy, Kohl’s, Kmart, Kurshal’s, Target, and Zaful are additional brands we recommend you to check out. 

eBay also displays a massive selection of discount coupons and special deals on Black Friday which usually expands into December. Check out entertainment.com for even more high-value 2-for-1 and 50% off coupons on shopping, travel attractions, dining, services, or golf. 

Know What to Avoid Buying 

While you might think all discounts are good deals, in reality, you should avoid buying some items on Black Friday and purchase them on Cyber Monday or the weeks prior to Christmas instead. The list includes beauty products, clothes, and footwear, which are better to buy on Cyber Monday when you should find numerous sales, coupon codes via email and text alerts, and dedicated coupon platforms like coupon.guru.

As for toys, you might want to be patient and start the hunt for the best ones in the last two weeks of December. If you are interested in investing in new winter apparel, you should know you will find the lowest prices the last few days before Christmas, and immediately after. 

New linen and bedding are best to be purchased in January during the so-called “white sales”

Rely on Cash Back Apps and Browser Extensions  

If you have never understood the way cash back apps work or never tested them yourself, you might want to give them a try so you can benefit from the absolute best Black Friday deals each year. Also, do not hesitate to use trustworthy browser extensions that can also add up in time and bring you some more significant checks at the end of the season.

How to Find Black Friday Deals That You Enjoy?

Keep in mind that many retailers are likely to inflate the original prices to make their deals appear to be better than they actually are, which is why it is imperative that you arm yourself with the right knowledge. You should know how to review price histories with specialized platforms so you can know exactly what a product has sold for previously, even up to 120 days prior to your intention to buy it. 

To compare competitor prices, use specialized tools that wil help you find the most affordable prices and the best discounts even retailers and platforms you might not have thought about checking.

Finally, it is advisable to avoid store credit card offers due to their high interest rates and expensive fees. Be sure to check our latest coupons and deals for your favorite brands and stores!

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