Can You Find Discounts Using ChatGPT?

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Thus far, ChatGPT has demonstrated its strength as a formidable entity, armed with synthetic superpowers and perceptive responses. It is a revolutionary human-made brain with remarkable learning and adaptability capabilities. Still, the technology falls short of human capability, particularly in terms of intuition. Nonetheless, its resourcefulness has been revolutionary in many industries including acting as an aid in modern shopping, especially in online outlets. The AI can direct you to up-to-date offers and sites that specialize solely in coupons from the top stores of our time

The introduction of ChatGPT in late 2022 rocked the world, threatening to eliminate the ‘outmoded’ research style of using search engines. Months later, folks discovered it wasn’t the Terminator situation they had envisioned but rather an improvement in navigating the expansive digital world.

To date, employing it productively for anything, even discount sniffing, requires a conscious intellect and tangible knowledge. People must understand all of its strengths and weaknesses to maximize utility. Firstly, know that ChatGPT is not sentient and will most likely never develop consciousness comparable to that of humans.

The free edition of ChatGPT uses the Generative Pre-training Transformer 3.5 (GPT-3.5) language model. The improved commercial version, called ChatGPT-4, makes up for this issue. It has access to current information and may therefore deliver relevant information.

Can ChatGPT help you find online discounts?

With internet connectivity, ChatGPT-4 is unquestionably the ideal version to utilize in your search for discounts, coupons, and flash sales. Connecting to the internet, however, does not ensure access to up-to-date markdown information or discounts.

In most circumstances, the responses will be immediately related to your inquiries once you get to the specifics. When asked to help identify offers, the AI chatbot will list similar tips and provide a few clickable references. It may include tips on how to look for Christmas sales on ecommerce sites such as, as well as online periodicals to follow for updates.

This is when artificial intelligence talents come into play. To avoid generic responses while utilizing the AI chatbot, use more detailed and elaborate prompts. This increases the likelihood of receiving stronger linkages and more detailed responses on ‘where’ or ‘what’ rather than ‘how’. For example, it may recommend coupon websites with seasonal offers. You may then utilize the generated response to design a more particular prompt, and repeat the process until you find results relevant to your search.

Using Alternative Artificial Intelligence Tools

ChatGPT’s most functional version requires monthly subscriptions, but if this is not your preference, there are alternatives. The competitiveness among top AI providers has prompted the creation of additional and more specialized chatbots.

Some are better at delivering answers for shoppers trying to save money through coupons, discounts, and flash deals. Google Bard stands out as one of the best so far. Unlike ChatGPT, Google’s chatbot is significantly better at answering discount queries. For example, when asked to locate bargains on a specific gadget, Google Bard displays a list of active sales, including pricing and the amount saved on each one. 

Call To Action

Based on real-world testing, ChatGPT is a dependable source for up-to-date discounts if the user deviates from general to more specific searches. When properly suggested, ChatGPT-4 can be useful. The same scenario impacts all AI chatbots. However, customers have a greater chance of obtaining savings if they understand AI’s strengths and shortcomings. They can then mix AI chatbots to gain better deals.

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